Diesel Footplate Taster 2024

Sun 26 May 2024 11:30 at Horsted Keynes

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Participant Ticket - Spring Discount

Driver Experience Health and Safety Check

Participants are required to complete the below medical self-certification; this is a standard form of declaration.

Are you able to meet the legal eyesight standards for driving a car (with glasses or contact lenses, if normally worn)?:

Do you have Diabetes needing Insulin?:

Have you ever had Blackouts, fits, epilepsy, fainting attacks, recurrent dizziness, or any condition which may cause collapse or incapacity?:

Do you get discomfort or pain in the chest, or shortness of breath when exercising – eg when climbing a short flight of stairs?:

Do you have any difficulty in moving rapidly over short distances, including on slopes, steps or rough ground?:

Would you have difficulty in looking over either shoulder?:

Do you have any difficulty hearing a normal conversation (with hearing aid(s) if normally used)?:

Do you have any other impairment of ability to communicate effectively?:

Are you taking medication that could give you dizziness or drowsiness?:

Have you used drugs of abuse (not including alcohol or tobacco) or other substance abuse within the last 12 months?:

Have you had any illness related to alcohol in the last 12 months?:

Do you suffer from any mental or nervous disorder (incl. ‘nerves’)?:

Do you have difficulty with or reduction in attention or concentration?:

Has any doctor advised you to refrain from any work or other activity because of a medical condition, or because of any medication you are taking?:

Do you use hearing aid(s)?:

Delivery Method

e-Tickets are available until Sun 26 May 2024 23:59

  • Please bring your eTICKET with you on the day of your visit

    • If you are paying with vouchers please enter your voucher code into the VOUCHER CODE box during the booking process.
  • Tickets for this service are available as e-tickets only. You will receive 2 separate emails, a booking confirmation and your tickets.
  • If you are unable to print your ticket, you may bring it on a smartphone or tablet. It is advisable to bring a screenshot as mobile signal at some of our stations, and on our trains, is limited.
  • If you are unable to receive e-tickets, your ticket can be available for collection 15mins before of your service, at the departure station booking office. Please let us know if you would like to use this service.
  • A non-refundable £1.95 transaction fee will be added per booking for any tickets purchased online
  • Terms & Conditions can be found on our website

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